Russian Academy of Sciences

Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics

International Workshop TS2DS-2021

Transport and Spectroscopy of Two-Dimensional Systems

Chernogolovka, Russia, August 2 - August 6, 2021

We intend to bring together leading researchers (representing both experiment and theory) in the field of transport and spectroscopy of two-dimensional systems. It is planned to discuss most important recent advances in this field. Due to covid-19 limitations the Workshop will be organized in online mode. If you are interested to participate in the Workshop, please visit the registration page


The workshop will take place virtually in Chernogolovka, a research center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, located 60 km from the center of Moscow, in Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics.


      Igor Burmistrov (Landau Institute, RU)
      Ivan Dmitriev (TerZ, University of Regensburg, DE)
      Genady Gusev (University of Sao Paolo, BR)
      Denis Maryenko (RIKEN, JP)
      Sergei Studenikin (NRC-CNRC, Ottawa, CA)
      Mikhail Zudov (University of Minnesotta, US)


      Beginning of Workshop: August 2, 2021
      Closing of Workshop: August 6, 2021